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The Elevate Co.

"We are Business Designers that are here to support + tell your story, build internal solutions, and prepare you for the future. Our solutions create, enhance, and expand your business in the areas of products, services, experience, and processes. It’s important to meet your team where they are at, reframe the challenge they are facing and provide the next best version of your business."


Brand Launch

Brand Launch is a community development + marketing agency that helps business owners create buzz by partnering with local "nano" influencers. Through creative storytelling and leveraging the power of the human voice, Brand Launch is able to help get your message, event, product, or service to thousands of people through social media. Learn More


Emily Steele
Co-founder of Brand Launch, Believer of Magic + Alignment, Crazy Cat Lady, Community Connector, Courageous Fem

Whitney Warne
Owner and Chief Confidence Builder at Ivory House Photography, Co-founder of Brand Launch, Social Media Maven, Shameless Dog Mom, Empowerment Junkie, Litter Eliminator

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The Hummingbirds

Created by Whitney Warne + Emily Steele of Brand Launch, The Hummingbirds are a group of community builders + Des Moines advocates that promote and disseminate information about partnered business effectively and organically. Learn More


Outside-In Consulting

My name is Christina Davis and I am the founder of Outside-In Consulting. I am an Iowa captive, a mom of two budding fashionistas, a wife, a stylist, and a personal branding consultant. I am here to help answer these questions: What do people see the first moment you connect with them? Is that a reflection of you? That’s how we get started, whether you’re looking to pare down what’s in your closet or you’re ready to release all responsibilities related to shopping, I have four core offerings that align with your closet goals and personal brand desires. Find freedom in reclaiming who you are and build a strategic wardrobe as you uncover the power of what you put on.


Capitol Benefits Group

With more than 20 years of experience in group insurance and benefits consulting, Tracy Hitchcock has industry experience with both self-funded and fully-insured programs as well as consumer directed healthcare plans (CDHPs).  Her expertise also extends to ancillary areas which includes dental, vision, life, disability, pre-tax plans and worksite benefits. Tracy specializes in the placement of insurance and ongoing stewardship including claims review and analysis, vendor management, plan design strategy, renewal negotiation, employee advocacy and employee communications. Let Tracy find the benefits solution that works for you.